The snow sensor serves the purpose of detecting snow and ice accumulation on the modules. It is mounted at the bottom edge of the module surface.
If both the module surface and the snow sensor are covered with snow, the sensor will trigger and  the DEGER tracker will be moved to the maximum vertical position. Snow and ice can now slide down. Once the snow sensor is free again, the DEGER tracker will return to automatic MLD-operation.

The snow sensor can be used with all DEGER systems and due to the surface area, it is manditory for DEGER D80 and D100 units.


  • Snow free module surface in the winter
  • Low static snow load
  • Prevents damage caused by overloading due to snow accumulation

Scope of delivery:

The snow sensor consists of a sensor installed in a sturdy metal housing, with 5 m cable, mounting brackets and fastening material.