DEGER are statically calculated and dimensioned in accordance with EUROCODES and German norms for a wind pressure of

  1. Up to 102 km/h for DEGER 3000NT, 5000NT and D100 tracker
  2. Up to 110km/h for DEGER S100-DR tracker
  3. Up to 120km/h for DEGER S100-SR tracker
  4. Up to 130 km/h for DEGER 8.5 and D80 tracker
  5. Up to 140km/h for DEGER S100-SR tracker
  6. Up to 160km for DEGER S100-SR tracker
  7. Up to 170 km/h for DEGER D60H and 3000HD tracker

The tracking systems are designed in accordance with DIN 1055-4 (3/2005). With higher wind load stressing, the systems can be adapted by reducing the module surface.