Secured to the steel structure of a factory instead of ramming piles into the ground, twenty DEGERtracker S70 systems run quietly and efficiently overhead, saving valuable industrial space. For several weeks M & P Bodies in Alberton, a manufacturer in South Africa, has used the single axis tracking systems to supply clean energy and ensure that work does not have to stop in the event of a power failure.

With twenty-two 285 watt solar modules on each tracker and a total installed capacity of 131.1 kWp, the DEGERtrackers provides the company with their own electricity. Because of the unreliable utility power supply and the frequent blackouts in South Africa, a battery storage system was required. The storage system ensures that sufficient energy is available for production even in the case of a blackout and poor lighting conditions. With the patented MLD technology, the single-axis DEGERtrackers generates approximately 30% higher yield compared to fixed tilt systems. The MLD sensor continually measures the intensity of irradiation and moves the solar module installation into the most advantageous position. The tracking technology not only takes the sun’s position into account, but also, for example, light that is reflected from other sources.

Especially in areas with an unreliable or negligible availability of local power supply, power supplementation through solar generation and storage or an off-grid installation is the perfect solution. The sun is a nearly infinite source of energy and tracking systems from DEGER provide the best performance from each solar module.