With its new system family D60H, D80 and D100, DEGER provides the global change in energy policy with new impetus. The new trackers replace the previous 5000HD, 6000NT and 9000NT tracking systems. And they are remarkable for their numerous improvements – which not only provide for higher yields, but help to save investors and installers both time and money.

Among other things, the new tracking systems achieve ideal power distribution through a geometry that is unique on the market: To this end the development engineers at DEGER integrated the swivel head with both axles – azimuth and elevation – into a single component. The drive unit thus acts as a frame member at the same time. This balanced power distribution eases the load on the bearings, motors and drive unit – thus clearing increasing the longevity of the complete system. In addition, this design saves on both costs and raw materials.

DEGER has greatly simplified the electrical installation required by its systems: The new DEGERtrackers are supplied with prefabricated wiring. The lines are routed through the mast via a universal wiring harness connected on the inside. Cable bushings and screw connections for connecting the modules and inverters – including the data line – have already been preassembled. Thus wiring inside of the systems is no longer required. This reduces both costs and the amount of time required for work as well as possible sources of error when it comes to installation.

Greater yields

And what is more, the new systems are now able to align the attached modules even more precisely to the brightest, and thus highest-energy position during off-peak periods of the day. This is made possible through the greater angle of elevation which now ranges from 10° to 90°. In addition, the new family system features advanced EK-6 energy converters and the newly programmed MLD sensor. These improvements mean that this new generation of trackers obtains greater yields even with less sunlight – for example, at sunup and sundown.

The performance of the new systems has been thoroughly examined in innumerable field tests. First the force characteristic and material capacity utilization, among other things, were analyzed using the so-called finite element method (FEM). The numeric vibration and fatigue analyses of well-known testing laboratories have confirmed a very high power handling capacity. Additional safety margins have been obtained through enhanced design based on wind tunnel tests as well as by taking numerous other factors of influence into consideration. In a nutshell: In practice the new systems are able to withstand loads that go well beyond the standard limits specified by the manufacturer.

Price level reduced by more than 20 percent
compared with the previous year

After a moderate price reduction in the summer of 2012 DEGER has now reduced its prices once again for most of the company’s products along with the auxiliary components of its new system generation. Thus the global market leader now offers its new systems for more than 20 percent less than they cost even one year ago.

The new systems will be available in Europe as of March 2013 and in North America as of the middle of the same year.

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About DEGER (

DEGER is the leading manufacturer with the world’s largest product portfolio for single and dual axis solar tracking systems. Its market position is based on the unique, patented “Maximum Light Detection” or MLD technology developed by Artur Deger. This technology makes it possible to increase the yield of solar power plants through the use of “intelligent” control. In this case the MLD sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules with the point in the sky that provides the greatest energy. Thus solar systems guided with MLD achieve a 45 percent greater yield on average than fixed systems – during peak periods this value is even considerably higher. With more than 50,000 systems installed in 51 countries, DEGER is world’s market and technology leader. The company offers every solution relevant to the product – from development and planning to production and sales, all the way through to maintenance and repair.

Nearly 400 employees currently work for DEGER at the company’s headquarters in Horb, its branch offices and suppliers. The company was founded in 1999 and in 2001 it was distinguished with the Baden-Württemberg Inventors Award for the MLD sensor. In 2005 DEGER opened its first branch office in Spain, in 2009 branch offices followed in the USA and Greece, and in summer 2011 production began in Australia. DEGER produces in Germany, Australia, Canada and in the USA. The company’s business is managed by Artur Deger.

You can’t always rely on the weather – but on an intelligent control system from DEGER for sure.

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