On 30th April, 2014 a 10KWp DEGERtracker D100 with the intend to generate power for personal energy consumption was put into operation on the premises of the company XALINO®  in Herrenberg Gültstein. In combination with a lithium-ion power storage system, 70% to 85% of the annual power demand will be covered directly by the DEGER-Tracker.

Already a few days after the DEGERtracker was put into action, the expectations concerning the effectiveness of the DEGER-Tracker were exceeded tremendously.

With a production record of 135KWh during just one day in May, the advantage of the MLD-Technology by DEGER compared with fixed installed systems, especially during sunrise and sun set was already proven.

Thus, XALINO® which is an Eco-friendly small business, is securing fixed low energy costs and is manufacturing their whole product range with self-made, clean energy.