The CCB III (Central Control Box) provides the possibility to control the DEGER system manually via joystick, and to connect the safety sensors (wind sensor, snow sensor and insolation sensor).

Each individual system or each solar park requires one CCB for up to 100 DEGER tracking systems. When operating the joystick, all connected systems will move. In order to avoid damage caused by high wind loads, the integrated and heated wind monitor unit “Advanced” will move the DEGER tracking systems to the safety position, when the wind speed reaches 12 m/s. The anemometer does not respond to wind gusts and will only trigger wind alarm in case of permanently applied strong wind.


  • manual control (e.g. to be able to harvest crops under the trackers)
  • one CCB for 100 systems
  • protection against high wind loads
  • robust heated anemometer
  • anti wind gust feature

Scope of delivery:

The CCB III consists of a central control and the wind monitor unit incl. anemometer Standard or Advanced with 20 m cable, mounting bracket and assembly accessories.