Only single axis DEGER S100-PF-SR systems have attained 192 MW in the European region through the last 16 months.

For all industries, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a shortage of materials and employees. Despite a 4.5 per cent reduction in energy needs worldwide during the 2020 outbreak, DEGER has achieved a great success in the challenging process of selling a total of 192 MW of DEGER S100-PF-SR systems.

European Region energy policies prefer DEGER Energy systems,

As the effects of the climate crisis increase and the calls for urgent climate action on leaders increase, the share of renewable energy among energy sources is also increasing. The energy obtained from the sun takes the lead. DEGER satisfies the demands of customers who want to be independent of the public grid and rising energy prices in the long term. It also offers MLD technology systems.

MLD technology a perfect fit: It is no coincidence that around the globe, DEGER technology is considered to be extremely robust, reliable and almost maintenance free.

The MLD-sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules to the point that provides the greatest energy and achieves a 30% greater yield on average than fixed systems.
This means that MLD systems evenly generate electricity over the entire day, in contrast to fixed systems that peak around noon, but yield less in the morning and in the afternoon.
In the morning and in the evening, when normal households have consumption peaks, fixed systems usually provide less electricity than consumed. MLD systems, however, provide sufficient solar energy for direct consumption without the need for batteries at all times.

You can’t always rely on the weather. But you can rely on an intelligent control system from DEGER.